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Nursing - Associate of Applied Science

Experience real-world Nursing training at our North Canton Ross campus.

The Associate of Applied Science degree program in Nursing provides students with principles and knowledge from general education and the biological and behavioral sciences, as well as the science of nursing.

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This knowledge forms the basis for utilizing the nursing process in a professional practice. Concurrent integration of theory into clinical practice is an important aspect of professional nursing education. A Registered Nurse can work in hospitals, long-term care facilities, home health, and a variety of other health care areas.

What is a Registered Nurse?

A registered nurse (RN) holds a Degree in Nursing and has successfully passed the NCLEX-RN exam and completed all of the licensing requirements set forth by the state board of nursing. Nurses work in many medical facilities alongside physicians, nurse practitioners, medical assistants, and other healthcare professionals.

A nurse’s basic function is to provide direct patient care by assessing and diagnosing their needs and then coming up with and implementing a care plan. There are a variety of specialties within the nursing field including geriatric, ambulatory care, psychiatric, pediatric oncology, and many more.

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